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  • DougNews.NNTP  v.1.0An NNTP client class for .net. It is written entirely in C#. The project is nearly completed. All that's missing of course is ...
  • Gigi's Own Newsreader  v.1.3.0Gigi's Own Newsreader is a simple and intuitive multithreaded offline NNTP Client for the .NET platform totally written in ...
  • NatoNews  v.rcNatoNews is an NNTP proxy server written in C# that caches all messages into a database for quick subsequent retrieval. It ultimately aims to be platform independent, NNTP client independent, database independent and have an search ...
  • Nnewz  v.0.3NNTP client written in C# (Mono). Support for download binary files and nzb file ...
  • PicMonger  v.0.9.6PicMonger is an NNTP client that automagically scans a specified Usenet newsgroup for either UUEncoded or MIME (base64) binaries, downloads them, and decodes them. It will also create a series of linked HTML thumbnail pages for previewing ...
  • Cola Bulletin Board System  v.1.0This is a Java implemented Bulletin Board System. Clients could use either Telnet or Browser to connect to this server. This system contains several servers: Telnet daemon, proprietary Java Applet C/S, NNTP Client to access News Server and SMTP C/S.
  • Aweb's Usenet Server  v.1.0Aweb's Usenet is a easy-to-use Usenet News server written in VB. The software is given with a documentation on NNTP, a VB NNTP client (not mine) and a demo database.
  • Twisted News  v.11.0.0Twisted News provides a very basic NNTP server, as well as an NNTP client protocol implementation.
  • Newsgroup Commander  v.9.0Newsgroup Commander is the fastest way to find any information you're looking for in news group archives and RSS channels. The program allows the fastest email messages downloading from selected newsgroups.
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